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Updated date: 28/11/2018
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How to apply for a working holiday visa

Norwegian citizens applying to enter Argentina within the framework of the agreement on working holidays between Norway and Argentina should obtain the relevant visa. The working holiday programme is open to Norwegian citizens who meet the following requirements at the time of applying for the visa:

  • Norwegian citizen with valid Norwegian passport;
  • Aged between 18 and 30, inclusive;
  • Travelling without dependents, unless dependants obtain their own visa;
  • Have not participated in the programme before;
  • Have no criminal records;
  • Are able to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover initial costs;
  • Are in possession of a return journey booked to place of origin, or able to demonstrate sufficient funds to obtain a return ticket;
  • Are in possession of health and accident insurance that covers hospitalisation and repatriation costs for the entire length of the intended stay;
  • Payment of relevant consular fees for the visa.

You are reminded that, on obtaining a working holiday visa, participants in the programme are granted permission to remain in Argentina for a period of 12 (twelve) months (with no possibility of extension). Participants may enter and leave Argentina, and may work for a maximum of 6 (six) months with each employer. Participants may also take part in educational or training courses for up to 3 (three) months of their stay.

Applications must be made in person at the Argentine Embassy in Norway, accompanied with presentation of the following documentation (originals and photocopies):

  • Valid Norwegian passport with at least one blank page;
  • Completed visa application form;
  • A 4x4 passport photograph, face forward with a white background;
  • Certificate of criminal records from Norwegian authorities demonstrating the absence of criminal records in the last three years.
  • Sworn declaration stating the absence of criminal records in other countries;;
  • Reservation of a return journey to Norway, or usual place of residence, or demonstration of sufficient funds to buy a return ticket;
  • Demonstration of sufficient funds to cover initial costs of stay (minimum of €2,500 euros). This can be demonstrated via bank statements or credit card statements from the previous three months (own accounts only; no third parties);
  • Confirmation or quotation for health and accident insurance policy covering repatriation on health grounds and repatriation of remains, to a minimum of €30,000 euros;
  • Receipt of consular fees (€150 euros) if the visa is approved, andy

The fulfillment of the requirements mentioned above does not alone guarantee authorisation of the visa, which remains the exclusive prerogative of the Argentine state.

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